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Very important - please read as soon as possible!


I'd like to bring to your attention the email (copied below), that I have just sent out, concerning our next event and potential problems with our website.  Please note this and take the appropriate action.

Thank you!



It is really important that you sign up for the "Audit Theory" event on 11th September as soon as possible and by Monday 3rd September at the latest if you wish to sign up online!  We will accept email registrations and BACS payments for a few days afterwards, but please try not leave it as late as that!

We are anticipating that the website may experience disruption towards the end of the week before the meeting (3rd-7th) when our hosting service makes a major update to the server software.  This is likely adversely to affect our website's Drupal content management system.

If the main website does go down, we have created an alternative web presence on a subdomain, (using WordPress instead of Drupal), at  This mirrors our static content and enables us to communicate with you and you with us, but it will not have the online membership database or the payment system - we will manage everything offline.

We are hoping that there will not be serious disruption, but if there is, we will endeavour to recover in time for the new subscription year.

Thank you for your understanding and patience!



Dr. Radut | blog