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News_003 5th July 2009

We now have close to 60 members and have received enquiries from two potential groups. Organisations are also approaching us to put links to them on our websites.

AQMLM now has a registered address which should be used for all written communications (note we would still prefer to work paper-free whenever possible). This is:

PO Box 15252
B16 6HD

Later on in the summer, we will be creating the 'Members Only' area of the website, which will have secure login, document sharing and download facilities.

News_002 16th June 2009

We are rapidly approaching our 50th membership registration, invoices are now being sent out, and, as soon as payment is received, a welcome letter and AQMLM terms of reference will be emailed.

This is a very encouraging start and bodes well for the future.

An Abstract has gone into the IBMS Congress for a poster / short presentation in September

News_001 8th May 2009

Since the informal launch of AQMLM at the WMCLQMA meeting at the end of March, some 25 individuals have registered through this website. They will be receiving their invoices and subsequently their welcome letters shortly. This will be done electronically by email according to our paper-free policy.

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